The oxygenators

Oxygen is a chemical element with symbol O and atomic number 8. It is a member of the chalcogen group on the periodic table and is a highly reactive nonmetal and oxidizing agent that readily forms compounds (notably oxides) with most elements. Confused???, Don't worry you are not in a chemical class, above is how wikipedia define Oxygen.

We believe it's basic of living. When is the last time you survived 5 mins without oxygen??. It's nearly impossible. The same goes for the brands as well. Customers are Oxygen for the brands. We Oxygenate brands by increasing their reach. We believe a brand is not just a product but an emotion a story a connect with the customers. We are a three year young group of company.
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We add that Extra glam to your Brand

Let your brand speak those new words, the world had never heard before. Let the spotlight be on you.
We give a Celebrity touch in everything.
Plan marketing strategies connecting any new releases.
150 mn+ Video Inventories across verticals.
Reach 5 Cr + Customers through Digital Communications -(Email, SMS & Voice).
Increase the Brand Re-call & Let your customers know your brand.


We Believe in Serving the Perfect Blend

We believe in implementing what you dream for your brand. We understand the value of creating the impact of your brand in consumers mind which has a bigger ROI in long term.

Content - It turns the spotlight on your brand

E-brochures, Website & Social Media Management.

Displays - attention grabbers

Reach 100 Mn+ Unique Impressions through our partners.

Videos - Impactful story telling

Youtube, Pre-roll activity, Video Banner and much more

Make your Brand a Super Star

We believe your brand is a born super star. We simply add that extra shine of pixie dust to your picture with celebrity endorsements.

Our Clients

  • snicker
  • cadbury
  • mars
  • samsung
  • british-airways
  • audi
  • singapore-airlines
  • skoda

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Creative Keeda

Do you have this keeda in you. The Keeda of creativeness which makes you restless, which make you think, which makes you perfect critic of marketing plans, which makes you the one out of thousand.

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The new ideas which you feel a brand should implement. Keeda which will take the marketing ideas of a brand to a new level. We will get it implemented with you being one among us. Let's give new colors to creativeness.

Meet Vaisalli Ghosh, Creator VMA Digital. When you meet her, it is more likely you will be healed by her rather than talk shop! A certified healer and shamanic soul, after 18+ years experience in the media where she worked with top companies such as Publicitas (Mediascope), Hindustan Times, Business Standard, a higher goal beckoned Vaisalli. She desired to do something that would rise above the cacophony of the current digital rush. Thus in 2013, VMA Digital was born with the intent to create unique content IPs using new media platforms such as short films/video that Vaisalli considers more an art form. She is also on a mission to promote the arts and welcomes anyone who has a creative concept and who wants to breathe life into it, to connect with her.

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Enduring an experience of over 7 years under his belt in the digital industry nirmal is a complete crack pot in his work. Crackpotness can be defined by his warm, aggressive & confident approach to find solutions for puzzle’s may it be operational, creative or marketing which makes him the Executor of team VMA. Coming from an engineering background possessing incorrigible love for marketing made him the perfect candidate for digital marketing arena. Started his Digital journey as a consultant at Netcore he love learning, exploring & implementing digital technological innovation to ease the marketing efforts of brands. Outside VMA, theatre is his second home. His taste buds are always tickling to try new cuisines or dishes.

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Our Address

Project Office:

VMA Digital

Plot No: 50, Chuim Village Road,
Chuim Village, Khar Dhanda,
Khar West, Mumbai - 400052.

Ring Us: 022 26051717


Registered Office:

VMA Digital

B-2003, Lake Castle View,
Hiranandani Gardens,
Powai, Mumbai - 400079.




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